Merritville Speedway

**Big pays regular price, Little is FREE! SEE INSTRUCTIONS for details** If you've never been to a local speedway you may be missing out on one of motorsports most exciting, unpredictable, and live action packed events. Car racing enthusiasts in southern Ontario have been flocking to this summer time venue for 60 consecutive seasons, and it may very well be the Heart of Niagara’s best kept secret.

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Be prepared for an exciting and action packed time. Along with the energy-charged crowd, the air is filled with excitement. Sunsets give way to fast and furious racing enjoyed by exuberant, friendly and fun loving fans. The racing is quick paced so there's never a dull moment.


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6-8, 8-10, 10-12, 12-14, 14-16

Less than 1 hour

2371 Merrittville Highway, Thorold, Ontario.