Pinecone Gnome Ornaments

The holidays are a great time to make home-made crafts. Test out your craft building skills with this trio of Pinecone Gnome Ornaments.

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1.Cut three felt triangles measuring 3-3/4 inches on each side.
2. Fold each triangle in half; blanket-stitch together long edges to make a hat.
3.Cut three 1/2×6-inch felt strips for scarves and fringe the ends of each strip.
4.Use the glue gun to fasten a 1-inch-diameter wooden ball to the flattest end of each pinecone to make the gnome head.
4.Hot-glue a 3/8-inch-diameter wooden ball to each 1-inch ball for a nose.
5.Cut the chenille stem into three 4-inch lengths; fold one end of each length over slightly. Bend stem at a right angle 1 inch from other end; hot-glue 1-inch angled portion to a head.
6.Fold up a cuff on bottom edge of each hat. Hot-glue hats to the heads over the chenille stems.
7.Wrap and hot-glue a scarf around each gnome's neck (you do not need to tie the scarves). Hot-glue a small piece of wool roving or curly wool to each gnome's cheeks and under the nose, as desired. Bend the hats as desired.
8.Sew a short length of thread to the back of each hat for a hanging loop.


You will need:

•Cream-color felt
•Wooden balls: three 1-inch-diameter and
three 3/8-inch-diameter
•Three 1-1/2- to 2-inch-long pinecones
•Chenille stem: white
•Wool roving: light gray and/or curly white wool
•Hot-glue gun and glue sticks
•Sewing needle and cream thread

We found this craft on Home & Garden's website

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