Snowman Face Garland

How cute is this beautiful snowman face garland?! You can make this as a gift or keep it all to yourself and nobody will know how easy it was to make.

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1.To make a single snowman, cover a plastic-foam ball with air-dry clay. Smooth the clay by rolling the ball in your hands. Pinch off a small amount of clay and form it into a cone shape for the nose. Wet the clay on the ball where nose will go, then push the nose onto the wet clay. Smooth the clay where the nose attaches.
2.If using beads for eyes, wet the clay where eyes will go and push a black bead into the clay for each eye. If desired, use a toothpick to draw a mouth and facial lines in clay. Using needle-nose pliers, bend a 1-1/2-inch-long piece of florist's wire into a U-shape. Push the wire ends into top of ball for a hanger. Let clay dry.
3.Paint the snowman with white acrylic paint; let dry. Paint the nose with orange. Paint the eyes (if you did not use beads), mouth, and facial lines with black. Let the paint dry. Brush cosmetic blush on the snowman's cheeks. Dip a cloth into stain and rub onto snowman head; work stain into crevices, then wipe off excess.
4.Seal the snowman head with clear gloss gel medium or clear glitter paint, if desired.


You will need...
•5-inch-diameter plastic-foam ball
•Air-dry clay
•Needle-nose pliers
•Florist's wire
•Acrylic paint: white, orange, and black
•Cosmetic blush
•Water-base stain: brown
•Two black beads (optional)
•Toothpick (optional)
•Clear gloss acrylic gel medium or clear glitter paint (optional)

< $25

6-8, 8-10, 10-12, 12-14

1-2 hours